Wednesday, June 30, 2010

wall hanging

Tips ** # for framing... calender cardboard have been used as base material.. and transparent sheet can be used as frame. can use any other material as base...
# easy to clean, carry, maintain
# can change the frame or add new pattern if needed(just remove the transparent sheet and re do the frame work..)

crochet flower, pista shella

This is a simple basic crochet in flower pattern.with simple single chain through out.looks simply cool when extended the number of rows for the layers of the flower...Just decorated the flower surrounded with pista shells


These coaster -crochet can be used on tables, base materials for candle stand, agarbathi stand, can stitch on any other material..


Pot Painting

Another easy Work... painting on mud pot and decorate as you wish
here just a simple work with marble and kundhan stones

glass painting ideas

In this type of glass painting...instead of glass black out liner 3d-glitter out liner have been used...also, small rose flower have been used for the frame border

Tips** Can paint black or any other dark paint at the reverse side of the glass... to highlight the design pattern..

glass painting

This work is done over the plain glass with glass colors with white sheet as its base to view promptly...

method : * Just trace the design , can do free hand designing also..
* Draw outline with glass outliner - say black (black/white/any other color)
* Apply respective glass colors according to the design pattern..

Tips** can provide silver or gold foil (chrushed or plain) to give brighter look instead of white sheet.

ideas with OHP

Done on OHP sheet with just glass colors

Tips** can follow the same method for painting on glass also..or for any other base material..

basic craft ideas-closer view

some basic crafts...ideas

This is very basic to start with... its done on OHP sheet with crystals and glass colors.