Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sponge n Satin

Here are the flowers made up of sponge and satting ribbon (pink- rose)- very simple flowers

pottery-decoupage-with sponge flowers,ribbon fillers

Here , just the filler flowers are added...

Note :-
Filler Flowers -->1. These are made up of normal ribbons that we use in our school
2. Can choose any color.
3. Remove the threads from side ways...
4. Now paste it on a stick(i used normal broomstick-coconut)
5. Your fillers flowers are ready...

tips # will be very eye appealing when golden, silver ribbons were used for making such fillers

pot -mixed work

decoupage - this pattern is from a wedding card very simple pattern
flowers are made with sponge

quilling with satin ribbon

This is a simple quilling technique done with satin ribbon of various colors .then they are stuck over the cardboard with black background..

tips # can make it attractive by adding stones, or lace as decorative items
# can keep the back ground as white or any lighter shade to highlight the pattern..