Saturday, June 30, 2012

Recycling Pet bottle to a Candle Stand

Today i tried a small theme like and decorated the pet bottle ... Materials: pet bottle-miranda some embellishments and stickers organza ribbon glue scissors sand mini erasers Method: 1. first i cut the bottle to desire height 2. then i filled with sand to desire level 3. now i cover the base with organza ribbon...and placed the mini erasers like shells... over the sand inside the bottle... 4. then i stick the sun, boat,etc 5. finally i placed the candle...and stick the umbrella 6. its done...and i enjoyed a lot...
i like to enter the challenge ... Beyond Grey Challenge --> "Sun, Sand, Beach" my friends please have a look at this blog ... they are simply amazing...also... my inspiration is crads,crafts,project blog...sure everybody will enjoy as i do... Creatalicious challenges --> "Anything goes"

Friday, June 29, 2012

Just a Simple Card

Always wished to create something gave a try... Materials: chart paper black scissors foam sheet blue , red pearl and stone stickers glue
Method: 1. first i used the pattern and cut the foam sheets... 2. used black chart as my base for the card... and glued the pattern foam sheet 3. finally stick some pearls...and stones.. 4. done... as simple as i expected... hope my friends also will like this... i like to share my card in Hookedoncraft challenge --> "All that glitters" creativecraftchallenges2 --> "Red White blue " IDIC challenge --> "no flowers any where at all" SJ Crafts --> "Red White Blue" 2 Sisters Challenge --> "Red,White,Blue with Glitter or Bling" Creatalicious Challenges --> "Anything goes" Make It Monday --> "Paper Creations"

My First Card

Always wished to try card making last i hope my dream came true..... Materials : chart paper - black, cream glue scissors skeleton leaves(any colors) some butterfly embellishments, crafting paper... smiley face(here i used old fridge magnet ) nail stickers after started trimming my nails...its been long time of using the nail stickers... today i got a chance to try something out of that...also...with a old fridge magnet...since my 2.5 yrs old kid is good in making such things... i kept the magnet and the smiley face as such...n used in this...without magnet...:)
Method: well, 1. First i used the cream color chart as my base. 2. Next i used black chart, ... cut a heart shape using crafting scissors and glued over the base card 3. Now i glued the skeleton leaves as a body and the wings ... 4. Then i placed the antenna using tape... and fixed the smiley face over that 5. Then here and there i used small butterfly embellishments...and crafting paper 6. finally i filled the gap over the black wings with the help of the nail stickers... 7. done ... i really love my card ... hope my friends whoever stop by... also like my card... i like to share this with my friends in Craft your Passion Challenges --> challenge 116 --> Things with wings 2SistersChallenge --> "Anything Goes" Dreamvalleychallenges --> things with wings Fashionista Challenge #4--> "Winged Things" Creatalicious Challenges --> "Anything goes" Make it Monday --> "Paper Creations" my dear friends please have a look in the above links ...we get more ideas and can meet new friends with extreme talent like i met few friends...:)

Friday, June 22, 2012

My Old Honey Bottle Turned New...Decorative Piece

Materials: old honey bottle pencil with a doll tape satin ribbon any colors.. Method: make some desired design and cover the honey bottle with satin ribbon and tape. cover the bottle opening by inserting the pencil... its done a new kind of show piece to decorate our shelves... I would like to enter my craft in... Creative Craft Challenges2 - "Anything goes" Craft And Me Challenges - "Anything goes" Creatalicious Challenges --> "Anything goes"

Friday, June 15, 2012

Milkmaid Cream tin to vase

Here i used milkmaid cream tin... we can try out cool drink tin ...or with any such tins or cans or plastic tubs... materials: empty tin tape crafting paper ribbon method: just cover the tin in desired pattern and here is it...!!! tips # can use these as candle stand also... can use these as pen or stationary stand... can use it as napkin holder... etc like to share in Creatalicious challenges --> "Anything Goes"

Yogurt tub to Vase

These are made with yogurt tub... materials: yogurt tub crafting paper ribbon tape method : just cover the yogurt tub with the crafting paper ribbon in desired pattern and here it is...!!!! tips # can use these as candle stand also... can use these as pen or stationary stand...

Chips Box to Vase

These are Made out of chips box... tried to recycle them materials : organza ribbons chips box tape method --> just cover the box in a patterned form...and there it is...!!! i would like to link my work in... kalalaya's For The Love Of Crafting Challenge - "Anything goes"