Saturday, July 7, 2012

Flower using Small Heart Punch

As we all feeling alike that every single flower in this whole world is unique by its own nature, texture and color combinations... i'm so happy that flowers as a part of craft..will be acknowledged by all craft lovers.... irrespective of its pattern..:) here i wish to try with Small Heart punch to make these flowers Well i must tell, that this is the first punch craft flower using heart punch , which i learned from my very good friend DR.Sonia.Like to thank her a lot.In her blog she gives very clear and excellent explanations... Pls have a look my dear friends... Now let me share my craft...the flower which i tried.. the happiness is endless when we try it for our self... Materials: Small Heart Punch color sheets any desire color here i used Pastel peach glue stick
Method: here first i cut the base circle "C". then i punched heart punch 5 numbers i have arranged in the picture, i have glued the circle "C" and covered it by sticking the hearts above that i tried in framing another layer where in the hearts are half-folded and looks flat... now i punched hearts in 10 numbers..then i folded in half... as i learned in that tutorial...and started sticking it on the unfolded layer of hearts...finally finished by attaching the leaves. its done and here it is...


  1. Thankyou very much Bella for stopping by and encouraging me