Saturday, July 7, 2012

Flowers using Leaf Punch

Here i wish to try with leaf punch as a whole of making flower along with leaves...
Materials: Leaf Punch color sheets of any desire color hre i tried with yellow for flowers and green for leaves Glue stick
Method: First i cut the circle and used it as a base for my flower..since the flower seems flat ..the width of the circle decides the number of first base layered petals... here , even for petals i have have tried the same leaf punch around 10 petals for small flower and 13-15 petals to make flower just bigger in size compared to the previous flower..size...its all one's own desire... hre i used two different sizes.. For detailing the petals i just made a mild fold towards its sharp corners alone.
For the next inner layer i cut 6 petals using leaf punch and then folded into half so as to get the feel that the inner layers are raised from the outer layer.
finally i punched leaves and attached . its done... hope all my friends also like it. #Tips#: can use glitters, rein stones add more details to the petals...


  1. A perfect water lily effect. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. hi!!! my first precious comment... thanks a lot for your valuable precious visit... hope to see you again...:)