Saturday, July 7, 2012

Flower Using Maple leaf punch

Here i wish to try a flower as a whole using Maple Leaf Punch i like to call it as snowflake flower or fringed flower...:)
Materials: Leaf Punch --> Maple Leaf Color sheets of any desire color --> here i tried with Basic cream, Lavender for flowers and green for leaves and fringe making papers... glue Stick
Method: Since i used other basic colors for flowers i like to call the leaf pattern other than green color as "Petals" itself. here i have Punched 10 petals for the first outer layer... Apart from the Leaf's Stem (Petiole) i wish to glue one side out of the 3 corners of the leaf (Blade)part with another one out of 3 corners of leaf. Now this acts as one Petal
Likewise i glued all the 10 Leaf patterns into 5 petals...
Then i punched the leaves using green color sheet... and glued 5 leafs around the first layer of such a way it stays in between the fringes.or in other words every alternate petals
Then i cut a small round and glued back side of that flower pattern so as to cover the center part...
Now i wish to attach a fringe like pollens rather than just filling glitters or rein stones...or pearls or buttons...
...and here it is ... my fringed flower or snowflake flower.hope all my friends like it.. #Tips#: can add glitters, pearls, stickers, rein stones, etc as a part of detailing...


  1. Dolly the flower looks awesome but do focus the camera into closeup mode or take them outdoors as its very blurry.
    If you wish do have a look at this post :

  2. Thanks a lot Sonia for encouraging me with useful tips ... this helps to improve myself...i tried without flash.. since with flash mode it makes the pic very reflecting... and its not clear at all... sure will have a look in the link you have provided... thanks a lot

  3. What a fab tutorial and a great idea, this looks brilliant! :) Thank you, very inspirational :)



  4. thanks a lot Xalison ... felling happy that my work inspired you... hope to see you again...!!!

  5. These look really good, well done. xxx

  6. Thanks a lot Wendy for your precious comments...

  7. Just gorgeous flowers! Beautiful idea :) Thanks a lot for useful tutorial:)
    Big hug,

  8. Thanks a lot for your valuable comments...Hope to see you again...:)